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Online Courses

Online Courses

You can learn to be a note broker by taking NoteWorthy on-line courses. You may find this to be the best way to develop your own lucrative note business. On-line learning is effective, easy, and the most convenient way to learn a new skill. You can start or stop a lesson at any time, spend as much time as you need with each lesson, and learn the material in small, manageable increments.

When you register for one of these courses, you will receive, via a separate e-mail, a login name, and a password allowing you to go to our online course site at, log in, and take your courses at your own pace! You may leave any course and come back later to continue the course right where you left off.

As an introduction, we offer one course free. Each course contains two or more lessons with a short quiz at the end of each lesson.

Taking an on-line course is different than any other learning experience you may have had. You will be presented with small informational sections, and then you will be immediately tested on the material. You can take as many tests as you need to master the material in any section. The tests are part of the learning process. You will find on-line learning to be highly interactive, fun, and a very powerful educational tool.
"Excellent course! An easy way to learn a lot of material."
- George Rosenberg, San Jacinto, CA

"It was a fun experience, using the Internet to learn... good stuff."
- Dion Alvarado, Longview, WA

"I finished the online course last night, and I just want to say that I think it was very clear and concise. It was the perfect beginning to my note brokering education!"
- Chris Larsen

"Let me tell you, I have an Ivy League MBA in Finance but I learned many, many new things about notes in general and my financial calculator in particular! (HP 17BII)...I will tell you that I know more about the subject [of discounted notes] than when I started - which I suppose is the goal of an overview course."
- Gerry Pietrafesa

FREE LESSON - Introduction to the Note Business
FREE LESSON - Introduction to the Note Business

Take this free course to see how online courses work.

Profits In Discounted Notes
Profits In Discounted Notes

A complete introduction to the note business. Ten lessons and a $100 coupon with your purchase of the NoteWorthy Home Study Course!

Restructuring Notes for Greater Profits
Restructuring Notes for Greater Profits

Learn how to recast a note that you bought for a yield of 18% and increase its yield to 35% or more!


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Online Courses